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L. WORLD CHILDREN'S DAY In the United Kingdom June 15th is recognised as World Children's Day, a day when special attention is drawn to the millions of children in need, especially those in the developing countries, and to the work being done for them by a variety of organisations. ) and other child welfare organisations are in action all over the world helping children in need. Children, who might otherwise be prey to death, hunger, sickness and ignorance are aided by equipment and expert help from these organisations which exist solely to meet these real needs.

THE DISEASE T h e signs and symptoms of leprosy may be regarded as due to a very chronic infection and the reaction of the body to that infection. H u m a n beings exposed to leprosy infection show all degrees of resistance, from none at all to such a strong resistance that the open disease never develops. Where there is no bodily resistance, the kind of leprosy called lepromatous results. Very many leprosy bacilli are found in pale patches in the skin, in the nasal mucosa, and in nodules that appear especially on the face and ears.

Biblical References W h e n reference is m a d e to biblical material it should be remembered that " T h e regulations in Leviticus 13 and 14 describe skin diseases (not leprosy) which are divided for isola­ tion (a) indefinitely, (b) seven days at a time, and (c) those not needing isolation. T h e chief criterion for diagnosis was whiteness 1 Dorothy Clarke Wilson, Ten Fingers for God. THEMES INTEGRATED WITH BIBLICAL MATERIAL 41 of the patches of skin and the hair in those patches. " 1 Although biblical leprosy was an extremely inclusive term, at the time of Christ it is probable that a higher proportion of genuine leprosy occurred, and that the patients healed by Christ could be genuine leprosy of the modern form.

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